The Cipullo family update

Hello family and friends! We have been living in our suitcases (and air freight of around 500 lbs) for a little over 2 months now, and have stayed in 5 different places between Winnipeg, Gainesville, Hilton Head, South Carolina and Washington DC. I am quite surprised and amazed at the resilience the kids are showing, and to them, this is all an adventure! They are taking the move in strides, and although sometimes they will stop and say that they miss their house and friends in Winnipeg, they seem to have a good grasp of our journey and the nature of Tim's work. I, however, have been stressed out, worried, anxious, excited, but am starting to calm down, now that we've been living in one place for almost a month.

Tim and I are getting to know the children better, and are discovering the difference in their personalities, and seeing a glimpse of what they will be like as we go through this life together. They have been relatively easier to take care of, compared to our last move to Winnipeg, when Nina was 5 months old, and Kevin was barely talking.  Now, I give them a packing list and they pack their bags on their own. They choose the things they want to bring on the plane, or in the car, and they are more patient in waiting for a flight or when there is heavy traffic. We get to talk about a lot of things with them now, they ask a lot more questions, and I think so far, this has been my favorite age. We sometimes forget that Nina is 3, when she has occasional pouting sessions or is moody. Kevin has been fascinated with God and asks so many philosophical questions that we couldn't quite answer. We fear that we've been too honest with him, and he is so in tune with reality that he might ruin Santa for everybody. His front tooth is moving now too, so a visit from the tooth fairy might be coming. We also forget that Kevin is just 5, and although thinks and worries about things he shouldn't really be concerned of, he still has his whininess and unnecessary button pushing.

Overall, we have been coping and making the most out of our stay in DC. Tim is in Tagalog language training everyday for 8 hours, and is enjoying it. He can't stand to speak Tagalog to us when he comes home, but he is really improving and will be a talking monkey once again when we get to Manila in November. We've been reuniting with so many of our friends and Tim's brother Marc. Tim and I have been hitting our favorite restaurants and have been taking the kids to places we went to when we were a single couple. It's pretty neat that 8 years ago we didn't have children when we lived here for 2 years, and now we bring the kids everywhere.

We drove to the beach one weekend and had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa

 Somebody decided that she was ready to take off her floaties

Spent a lot of time swimming at the country club - Kevin now jumps on a 12 ft diving board, and Nina, 5 ft

 Mommy and Daddy went to Oregon for a week

our sleeping lapag!

The kids discovered their love for public transportation - subway!

First day of preschool

The kids' school - where I taught for 2 years from 2006-2008. The current 8th graders were my students when they were Kevin and Nina's age. Wonderful to see that they still remember me!

 And the swimming continues, and they got more and more comfortable with the water

Bike ride and walk at the Roosevelt Island

At a nearby park...

 Walking to get dessert...

 Our air freight comes and they are more excited about the boxes more than their stuff..

 Picnic with Daddy at the Washington Monument

Role playing at home

 Making poison out of sand and water

Our sleeping quarters till November

So yes, we are still alive and kicking!