Alas. Our tour in Japan is coming to an end. We are leaving for the US this Monday, then on to our next assignment in Winnipeg, Canada. This entry is dedicated to all the people we have met, the food we have digested, and the places we have been.

Here are the top 10 things I will miss about Japan.

1. FOOD ... need I say more?

Awesome Japanese meal at a ryokan

Tempura in Ginza
Sushi in Nagasaki
Tonkatsu in Nagasaki
Okonomiyaki in Roppongi
Roasted Lamb in Cicada, Hiroo
Lamb tagine, Cicada, Hiroo

Soba in Nagasaki

Steak in Beacon, Shibuya
Nabe in Kappabashi
Green Curry, Pho Nam in Midtown
Breakfast in Niigata
Breakfast in the mountains
Dinner in Niigata
Dinner in Niigata

2. TOILET - I will miss reading the instructions in toilet cubicles as well as our automated toilet in our home in Homat Sun...

3. COIN LOCKERS - I will miss that everywhere you go, you can leave your stuff in coin lockers.

4. VENDING MACHINES - Drink anytime, anywhere!

5. COOL JAPANESE PEOPLE - I've met a lot of very interesting people, who love expressing themselves through their hair, clothes and shoes!

More to come soon!