Where do I begin?

I am Filipino. My husband is American. Our baby is...well, a mix of Italian, Finnish, Filipino, Spanish and Chinese. And we are all living in Tokyo.
We are here on a 3 year assignment - my husband works for the US embassy. I am working part time as a preschool teacher at a small but awesome international school. Most of the week, I am busy taking care of the little one, preparing meals, cleaning our apartment, studying Japanese, and volunteering.

God knows where we're going next. We might know by the end of this year. For now, let's talk about Tokyo.

Here are some of the things that I recommend you to do when you're here!

1. Figure out the Metro and JR Train system. (There's also a great Iphone application called "Metro" that will help you figure out where you're going)

2. Enjoy a 380 yen (140 pesos/4 dollars) meal at Yoshinoya. (I am not very fond of Suki-ya)

3. Hike during spring time and eat a traditional Japanese breakfast.

More to come on the next post!