Third week!

We began our third week by talking about discrimination and equality, as it was Martin Luther King Jr. day last Monday. We used the book, "Dealing with Discrimination" by Don Middleton. We talked about things we do in our everyday life that may exclude other people - not letting others play with our toys or join our games, not wanting to sit next to kids we don't like or making others feel that we are better than them. We talked about how we can be better people by not choosing our friends based on the color of their skin, where they are from, or what they can afford. I am glad our kids are meeting friends from everywhere, and that they are growing up to be respectful of other people's cultures and history. 

In Math, we continued to learn about telling time, this time taking it a little further for Kevin, by teaching him how to tell the time by the quarter. We also learned about the units - ones, tens and hundreds place. We practiced reading 2 and 3 digit numbers. At the library on Wednesday, we joined the kiddie club and predicted how many legos are in the jar. They also build lego towers. 

For science, we talked about habitats and ecosystems this week, leading up to our supposed to be museum trip on Friday, which was cancelled because of the upcoming snow storm. We watched the movie, Norm of the North instead! We also talked about the food chain. Here's Nina's simple explanation of how it works. 

In Art, we talked about the book, Little Cloud by Eric Carle. To incorporate science, we also talked about how clouds are formed, about the process of precipitation. I gave them blue construction paper and white paint, and they made their own versions of the illustrations in the book. 

In Physical education, we started watching Cosmic Yoga - which is great for the kids to do some yoga. It incorporates stories, music and movement, and the kids enjoy a full 20 minutes exercising. Here's an example of one of their favorite stories. 

We also went swimming briefly (for it was cold) at Washington Lee High School pool just to make sure they haven't forgotten how to swim, and they haven't! 

Our weekend was fun as snow finally came. They missed it so much after having lived in Canada for 3 years, and they did get their fill of playing with the snow.