April and May Activities

April and May went by so quickly. We spent a lot of time outdoors now that Spring is finally here! We haven't done a lot of indoor activities these days, but it looks like I need more ideas now that it's been raining non-stop for a week! Plus Kevin is off school now!

Outside activities

We heard about a carnival coming near our neighborhood and we checked it out! The weather was nice. We biked all the way there from our house. It was a great exercise which was cancelled out of course, after eating some pizza and fries for dinner and cotton candy for dessert!

At Becky's yard. Play dates are fun!See the snow?

This water and sand table was 50% off at Toys R Us. It's been great! It's been keeping the kids busy for hours and hours!

Lazy rainy day. We decided to take a walk. Loved Tim's "Mad Men" hat

Kevin's last day of school. They got a small certificate and a teddy bear. Mrs. Bottomley was great. Kevin loved each day he went to school. 

Nina has started using Kevin's balance bike. We bought Kevin a new bike, but took off the pedals and training wheels so he gets to learn how to balance first, then pedal later. Nina is so SLOW on the bike. She's so extra careful. She gets disappointed when she falls. The difference between boys and girls! When Kevin tried this bike, he fell a hundred times and didn't care!

After going to the Children's museum one day, we explored the new playground at the Forks. They liked it! Then we met up with Daddy to have some shawarma downtown. 

Nina's first time to go on the slide by herself. She was so proud!


Indoor Activities

Taught Kevin how to wash the dishes. He loved it. Will he still like the chore when he's 13?

Love this easel from Ikea!


Talked about words that start with S.


Some spring time crafts. We made bees and a beehive. Talked about honey and how bees make it. Then we ate some bananas dipped in honey, then rolled in brown rice krispies.


Lazy Sunday movie night. We watched the Lorax, ate popcorn and drank iced tea. We paused the movie and drove out in the rain to get pizza. Wonderful night!

We did some more science experiments using baking soda and vinegar. Made some popcorn kernels dance, a volcano made out of play dough erupt and played with it old school style.

Made some crafts for Grandpa's upcoming birthday. Shhh..

We made some homemade play dough. Easy to make and last longer than regular play dough. Don't know about the color though. We were going for blue-green.

Hope you got some ideas!