Our March madness

Sharing what we've done this March...

The kids have been really enjoying "working" with Mommy. I like this time with them - I get to do my own thing, and as long as they're busy with mazes, tracing, and other educational worksheets, everything is good! 

We've been working on setting the table, putting away our dishes and wiping the table.

Nina's M craft

St. Patrick's Day craft. Daddy drank drink beer and the kids drank green milk!

We talked about the life cycle of butterflies, hoping that it would be spring soon (it never came in March!)

Nina's getting better with coloring inside the lines!

Clothes Pin Number Match

USA Puzzle with Daddy - thank you to Grandma

Number game in the kitchen. The kids really had fun!

You probably think I'm a crazy mom - they played with push pins and empty tissue paper boxes. We learned about being careful with sharp objects! (Haha)

We had an experiment on what dissolves in water.


Our improvised circus play area

Nina's O craft

Kevin's learning to tell time. Thinking about it now, I think this was a mistake. Now, he tells me when it's been 5 minutes. :(

Kevin's also improving his cutting skills. :) 

We're also learning some more word families.

Nina's P craft.

Nina loves these little activities for her - mini opposite puzzles and number puzzle

Nina's feelings poster