Thanksgiving post 2012

Thanksgiving Day 8:20 AM 

This week's life lesson theme has been patience. Having kids is probably one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life, and I am becoming a better person everyday because of my kids. Nina is hitting the terrible 2s - highly emotional, cries everytime she doesn't get what she wants, wants to be pampered and wants things right away. Kevin has been having a wonder week too - having trouble sleeping, needing me more, saying no to everything and seeming to struggle with his independence and our authority over him. I have been crying a lot these days - since it is getting closer to Christmas, and I am reminded of how far away I am from my family when the kids are napping and my husband is at work, and I am cooking alone for thanksgiving. (I started yesterday). I do have formed friendships here, but daily circumstances have not permitted a free flow of visitors nor the energy to entertain. 

As I am trying too to stretch myself and finding myself outside of motherhood, I've ventured into doing some tutorials around the neighborhood. I teach a 7 year old how to play the guitar, a 6 year old piano, an 8 year old to read and a 9 year old to play the uke. I've also started a business making invitations and currently I am designing for a triple birthday celebration and a wedding. I also am teaching a Filipino choir every Friday and due to my absence in December visiting family, we are rushing to get rehearsals done and songs lined up. So I am doing things other than mothering, and all of these, this week, have been making me tired and emotional. Oh and it's the time of the month as well. 

Tim was very kind to babysit the kids last night while I had a thanksgiving meal with the ladies at the American women's club of Winnipeg. It was nice to eat a turkey dinner without kids to feed or guests to serve, and the best part was I didnt need to clean up. When I came home close to 10 pm, Kevin hadn't slept yet. I tried to put him in his own bed for hours - switching between listening to music to reading stories and sleeping next to him. He finally fell asleep at midnight, but woke up at 7 this morning. I've only had 5 hours of sleep since I had to finish printing off invitations for my clients, so not getting more hours of sleep was not pleasant at all. As I type this, I am camped out in Kevin's room,  gazing at him as he sneaks back into dream land, and now it is time to start the day. Nina is singing her ABCs in her crib and that is usually her way of saying "I'm awake!" The decision to wake Kevin up so he can nap at noon is tough to make. In 7 hours, I have to have a turkey roasted, 2 pies made, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry relish and bread rolls prepared at the dinner table. I pause and think about I am grateful for today and it is this, the challenge to go through the day with optimism, with joy and with a sincere, forgiving heart for what my growing kids are going through. I am thankful for the many, many blessings I received this year and I cannot think of any other way to give back than to prepare a meal for my family and 4 American students we've invited to join us for dinner tonight.

Thanksgiving Day 11:43 PM

And alas, I have achieved my goal! I made it through the day with a positive attitude. Everything has been cleaned up and put away, and I was even able to prepare some food for Tim's staff tomorrow. The highlight of the day was when Tim talked to the kids about what Thanksgiving is about and we talked about what we were thankful for. We made crafts after lunch, then put the kids for their nap. Tim and I had a good talk in the kitchen while we peeled potatoes, and chopped vegetables for the stuffing. We picked up all the toys, cleared our dinner table and prepared everything before our guests arrived. It was just perfect. The food was tasty and the company was great. Well, the kids were kind of hyper, but then again, they rarely see a lot of people in our home. They are both sound asleep now, in their own beds. Now it's time for us to do the same. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

Our turkey craft

Our guests arrive

The kids entertained us with their hyperactivity

The turkey! Ofcourse, we forgot to take pictures of the other dishes we prepared!

Kids doing puzzles after dinner

Tim and our new friends

Before I put the pie in the oven

I was the only one who ate the pecan pie. Everybody wanted pumpkin pie!