Teaching my child Tagalog

Tim and I have discussed this long before we had a child. We pledged that we would teach our children my native language, Tagalog. I want Kevin to be able to communicate with my family in the Philippines, understand and embrace our culture and traditions. I know that wherever we go, Kevin will hear and learn how to speak English, so that wouldn't be a problem.

When Tim and I were living in Washington DC, I joined a group of Filipino Americans who put up a school for families with FilAm children who wanted their kids to learn Tagalog. I really enjoyed working with them, and said that when we move to Tokyo and have our own kids, we will continue to do the same.  

Here's my first step. I made these flashcards for our airplane trip to Manila tomorrow. Since books will be to heavy to carry, I chose to make these flashcards, laminated them and compiled them into a book. For all the moms out there who want to teach their kids Tagalog, you can download this file and print it as well. I will upload more materials I make along the way. :)

Mabuhay ang wikang Filipino!